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A  RepRap compatible 3D printer .

Our "Metalbot"
A fully installed metal 3D printer.
Rigid Aluminum alloy XYZ struture,that use industry durable linear bearing.
Metal gear extruder and nozzle all compatible with RepRap 3D printer.
You can buy all or seperate parts but already assembled.

Do you buy a toy 3D printer or a really CNC like 3D printer that can work for you all the time? Don't need to calibrate Z axis gap between printer table every time you use it, just do it once.

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Print PLA with open source  PCB heatbed,The only reprap part use on our metalbot.

Our certification from Russia

RepRap compatible means hardware and software all can use open source 

We follow the Open Source RepRap standard,The assembled 3D printer,you can use Skeiforge,or Slic3r to translate stl to G code,then use Printrun to send the code to 3D printer.All you need to know is how to operate this software,no need to know how to assemble. Just plug the power and USB to computer you can easily to print your 3D model.


Metalbot  3D printer Specification:


Made by CNC parts, Assemembled and tested before shipping.

1.Print Technology : Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF)


2.Extruder Heads: 1


3.Max Build :  Length 200mm Width 200mm Height 150mm


4.Print Layer Height: 0.4mm nozzle.


5.X Axis - Resolution  0.02mm


6.Y Axis - Resolution  0.02mm


7.Z  Axis - Resolution 0.01mm


8.Industrial power supply includes,150W.(110/220V)


9.fully assembled and tested.


10.Print Material: ABS,PLA

11.AC 110/220 powered aluminum  heated bed


12. Reprap compatible 3d printer



1.All assembled with linear bearing,metal gear,aluminum alloy XYZ structure.

2.Easy to adjust Z axis lower limit switch position,and have micro adjust screw that    has 1mm pitch,so you can adjust to 0.25mm very easy,just turn about 90 degree.

3.Special design hotend raise temperature to 240 degree C within 10 minutes,and    will not be disturbed by wind . Our Metalbot can change from 3.0mm filament          0.4mm hotend to 1.75mm filament 0.4 mm hotend with only two M5 screws.

   AC 110/220 V powered heated bed raise temperature to 110C within 10 minutes.

4.Double aluminum alloy  printing table has springs inside for better table flatness        adjustment.

5.Easy change from 3mm filament extruder 0.4mm nozzle to 1.75mmfilament              extruder 0.4mm nozzle,with only two M5 screw. 

Free shipping to all over the world by DHL/EMS,only $1190 to buy a Metalbot.

1.Metalbot(All assembled and tested 3D printer)
2.1Kg 1.75mm filament
3.MicroUSB to USB cable.


Our recently printing.

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